2009 Warcraft Regional Finals

WarCraft 3 Philipp “ereskigal” Hartmann

Blizzard announced the Regional Finals for the past Battle.Net Ladder season on the Northrend and Azeroth realms. It will take place in Cologne, Mediapark.

To win? A spot at the global Finals taking place at this years BlizzCon, Anaheim.

The finalists for the qualifier are announced. The Finals will take place in Cologne this year. It happenes from 26th to 28th of June.

Both local qualifiers will be held in Cologne, seperately. Three spots will be given away to the best Europeans, and two spots are reserved for the Americans.

After 7 weeks of playing ladder the following players have qualified for the Regional Finals:

From Northrend:

Spain Pedro Moreno 'LucifroN' Durán
Netherlands Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen
United Kingdom Benjamin James 'DeMusliM' Baker
Romania Lazar 'NightEnd' Silviu
Denmark Thomas 'ThomasG' Glinski
Spain Juan Moreno 'VortiX' Durán
Sweden Kim 'SaSe' Hammar
Russia Dmitriy 'Happy' Kostin

And from Azeroth:

New Zealand Hamish 'Kowi' Parker
United States Abdulaziz 'CrunCher' Abed
United States Nick 'ShrieK' Whittier
United States Mojo.Dark-Ale
United States fewtears
United States BoX
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