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Sinatraa banned for 6 months from competitive VALORANT

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

This decision was made after Sentinels and Riot Games completed their investigation

After some time since the initial allegation against him, Sinatraa, whose real name is Jay Won, has been slapped with a 6-month ban from competitive VALORANT by Riot Games.

The announcement of the ban was posted on VALORANT’s official website along with the explanation of his ban.


“Jay “Sinatraa” Won has violated Rule 8.1 of the VALORANT Global Competition Policy for failing to fully cooperate with the Tournament Operator’s investigation and will be suspended for six months. He will also be required to complete professional conduct training.” – VALORANT operations team

Sinatraa was supposed to share some critical evidence to help his case, but he did not share the evidence, which was a full video clip of his interaction with his ex-girlfriend, Cleo. Because the proof was not shared, Sinatraa’s behaviour was not tolerated by VALORANT and the Competitive Operations team said that they reserve the right to reopen the investigation in the future – but the ban will be the decision for now.

"The Competitive Operations team had serious concerns with Sinatraa’s conduct during the course of the investigation. It was determined that on at least two occasions Sinatraa misrepresented certain facts, made false statements, and did not cooperate with the investigation in a way expected of a professional Valorant esports player.”

With this ban, Sinatraa’s position in Sentinels is in serious jeopardy, if not eliminated. It is unclear if he will continue playing with Sentinels as the entire situation became a police matter. He has stated that he is deciding if he will want to return to competitive VALORANT in the future after his ban is over – which will be sometime in September. He has made a response to the ban in a twittlonger he posted on his personal account.

In it, he said that “...he has been reflecting a ton during the downtime and know how much he hurt Cleo emotionally and he is truly sorry about it. He will  keep on trying to improve myself as a person.”

For now, he will be streaming VALORANT casually on Twitch.


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