NA VCT Challengers 2

NA VCT Stage 2 Challengers Finals will decide who gets the spots to Iceland

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

Eight corner matchup promises to be something epic

The stage has been set. Eight teams, raring to go and prove they are worthy of the chance of flying to Iceland to represent the North America for the VCT 2021 Reykjavik Masters. Finishing at the top also secures the winning team’s crown as the best VALORANT team in NA.

The eight teams that will be battling for the two spots are:

100 Thieves
Team Envy
Cloud9 Blue

The eight teams bring to the table something unique. 100 Thieves, for example, is the current heavy favourite to win the tournament and fly to Iceland. So is Sentinels, even though they had to run through some hurdles to reach to this point - TenZ- and Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan certainly help here.

An underdog in this list is certainly Version1 as they are the new kid on the block – however, the new kid has some bite to its bark. They won over FaZe Clan in the Challengers 1 open qualifiers as well as Cloud9 Blue. Speaking of which, the team that can do is doing well – Cloud9 Blue boasts a list of experienced CS:GO players in their roster and that experience have bought them this far.

The teams are playing their best right now – head to our Hub page to get the latest info on the matches that are happening.


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