Teaser picture of Breeze

New Breeze map for VALORANT teased by Riot Games

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

The map features an open area with water elements

As part of the upcoming Act 2 Episode 3 of VALORANT, Riot Games has shared a tweet with updated teasers for a new map that is rumoured to be named ‘Breeze’. The bap is hinted to be located somewhere in the Caribbean and features for the first time a beach and open water.

Some of the notable features include what seems to be a tunnel, archways and a possible ledge that can be player accessed, a lighthouse, piers, an uneven rocky area near the beach and the beach itself.

Possible spike planting location includes the aforementioned lighthouse, the pier and/or the beach. We may see multiple narrow chokepoints opening up to an open area for the agents to defend and take over in this map, which will bring a new meta for map takeovers.

VALORANT’s Act 2 Episode 3 is expected to land 28 April 2021, but VALORANT just announced that competitors of Challengers 2 will have a sneak peek access to the new map on 26 April 2021, so stay tuned to GosuGamers to find out what entails in the new major update for the game.


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