The AI that kicked everyone's ass at StarCraft 2 has made 'a stunning advance' in protein folding

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Remember AlphaStar, the AI that kicked everyone's ass in StarCraft 2? That was cool. But it turns out that DeepMind, the Google-owned company that created it, had higher aspirations that just being really good at an RTS. As reported by The Guardian, DeepMind has a another AI called AlphaFold, and it's recently made unprecedented advances in the field of protein folding.

Protein folding is the process by which protein chains acquire their three-dimensional structures, which are foundational elements of biology. The more scientists can understand the process and predict how protein folding occurs, the better equipped they are to develop medical treatments for a tremendous range of illnesses and disease. It also opens the door to other advances, like the development of better GM crops.


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