StarCraft 2's GSL Final Perfectly Captures Why It's Still A Great Game

StarCraft 2 screenrant

GSL hosts its last finals of the year, and it's a perfect example of how StarCraft 2 remains one of the best esports viewing experiences.

The last GSL finals of 2020 have come and gone, and as the dust settles, it's hard to imagine a better example of why StarCraft 2 is still great a decade after its original launch in 2010. It's also an event that comes with a fair amount of uncertainty in it - the future of a game beloved by many is murky at best, now that developer Blizzard has pulled back the vast majority of its support for the game following an announcement earlier this year. While the game will still receive balance fixes, it will no longer receive any proper 'new' content, and its prospects as a franchise and an esport seem as though they could be waning.


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