VODs: NaDa meets Anytime in OSL "legends" match

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 03 July 2012 16:03

A match between The Genius Terran Yoon Yeol "Nada" Lee and the Death God Yeong Jong "AnyTime" Oh was played just before today's OSL quarter final. See the two pillars of Brood War tearing Tau Cross apart in 30-minute TvP.

With both those players retired from professional StarCraft, this is a good chance to take a travel back to the old days. You can also do that by checking out the other three "Legends Showmatches" here:

GoRush VS TheMarine on Neo Jungle Story
Xellos VS Nal_Ra on Nostalgia
July vs Reach on Neo Requiem


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