GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly EU #3


Tournament format

• Weekly tournaments starting each Saturday at 18 CET
• Single Elimination - 16 teams
• Stopwatch mode based on the final map completion time or farthest objective reached.
 • If the farthest objective reached is identical, it will be a draw and will be handled in the following ways:
  • In all matches except the final, if game 1 or 2 end up in a draw, then the winner of the other map wins the
   entire series - in case the 3rd map is a draw, the teams have to play a Control Mode map that is
   pre-determined for each round of the tournament.
  • In the final - if the farthest objective reached is identical, the team that had the most time remaining after    capturing that objective will win the game
• All matches are Bo3, except for the final, which is a Bo5


• Team captains need to create a team and invite the other members in order to register themselves for the tournament. Team members then need to accept the invitation to the team.
• When registering for the tournament team members once again need to accept. While doing so, they must supply their Battle.net tag.
• All players must have their correct Battle.net tags entered as their Overwatch EU Battletag
• After registering you may change one or more players as long as the tournament has not begun. You need to add the replacement player(s) to your team (and he/she needs to accept) before you can add him/her to the tournament registration.
• Teams are also required to check in before the tournaments start - any team failing to check in will be replaced automatically by a team in the Reserve list
• Reserves must also check in to be eligable as replacements
• Check-in starts three hours prior to the commencement of a tournament


• All team captains are required to join https://discord.gg/0fOZnUZUrf5yjiS2 - the GosuGamers Discord server - where you can contact admins and players alike regarding the matches. Members of teams can also file a support ticket at the match page or as a last resort in the comment section on the match page.
• Registered players can find the opponent captain's Battle.tag on the match page which allows direct contact in regards to hosting details.
• If participating teams are unable to contact their opponent and 15 minutes passed from the scheduled starting time or if the opposing team is unable to present their six players into the game, it will result in a default win for the team that is fully ready to play - in case of a walkover notify an admin.


• The winning team's captain has to enter the result on the related match page. A screenshot of the result (*.jpeg or png) must be uploaded when entering the result.
• Teams are required to keep all screenshots taken until the end of the tournament.
• For best of 3 matches, enter the result and screenshot after each individual game.

Game settings:

• Server Location: Overwatch - Europe
• Game Mode: Custom Game
• Custom Game Settings:
• Map Rotation: Single Map
• Return to Lobby: Payload and Capture Point = After a mirror match ; Control = After a game
• All other settings as default
• Map selection for each game is to be done by a map draft on http://owdraft.com - either team captain creates the draft and links it to the opposing team.
 • Game 1 settings: Starting team = Random - the team who makes the first ban also chooses the starting side
  on the map
 • Game 2 settings: Starting team = The team that went second for the first map will start the map draft and
  choose the starting side
 • Game 3 settings: Starting team = Random - the team that gets second ban in the map draft will get to choose
  the starting side

Ingame problems and disqualifications:

• If a player for some reason cannot continue the game, the game may be remade provided that the issue happened before the one minute mark and no objectives were taken.
• First usage of known exploits or bugs will result in a forfeit of the current game. A second usage of known exploits or bugs will result in disqualification and potentially bans from participating in further GosuGamers tournaments.
• A formal complaint regarding behaviour and/or bugs needs to occur no more than 15 minutes after the game ended, otherwise the matter will be considered as closed
• Admins will reserve the right to disqualify a team based on their behaviour at their sole discretion if something noteworthy is brought to their attention

Spectating and streaming:

• All spectators and non-affiliated streams are prohibited
• Any sanctioned spectators such as tournament admins and/or affiliated streamers may not be rejected by the teams

Prizes and payments

Any and all tournament rewards and payments are to be awarded through paypal to the team captain no later then 30 days after the tournament's organizers receive the required informations from the team captain.

The above rules are to be seen as a guideline but can be updated by head admin at any time, to reflect last minute changes or clarifications/modifications as required
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