Jeff Kaplan reveals his favorite Overwatch skin and main

Overwatch dexerto

Twitch streamer Christopher ‘Jay3’ Pavloff surprised his viewers on May 28 by inviting Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan to play against him in a series of hammer-only Torbjorn one-on-ones, and answered some questions about Blizzard’s FPS.

While partaking in the one-on-one battle, Jay3 and Jeff chatted about the game and even what heroes he mains.

“My weak spot is as soon as you introduce one ability I’m overwhelmed,” Kaplan joked, as the two decided to allow Torbjorn’s Overload in their battle. (Timestamp 7:55 for mobile viewers)

Kaplan responded by saying he plays “a lot” of Reinhardt, which made sense considering he earlier stated the only golden weapon he had was for the hammer-wielding German tank.


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