FC Copenhagen to venture into eSports

General Ali “Maxxie” Or

Danish football club FC Copenhagen are reported to have intentions towards signing CS: GO and Dota 2 rosters.

Danish source finans.dk reported FC Copenhagen will sign Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rosters as well as a couple of FIFA players. Sources are claiming that FC Copenhagen will venture into eSports but the club itself hasn't made an official announcement yet. However, director of club's owner Parken Sport & Entertainment, Anders Hørsholt confirmed that FC Copenhagen are watching eSports closely and want to be the part of it in the future. But he also held off from giving an exact timeline by saying that only time would tell when it happens.

FC Copenhagen are one of the most successful Danish clubs, having won Danish Superliga on eleven occasions. The club is also the first Danish team to advance from the group stage in the UEFA Champions League. If the reports turn into a reality, the Danish team will also become one of the first European clubs to venture into eSports after the likes of PSG, Schalke 04, Valencia, Manchester City, Ajax, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray.

The speculation regarding FC Copenhagen's venture came just after Team Dignitas parted ways with its Danish-Norwegian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster which is now looking for an organization to represent, making the ex-Dignitas roster a likely candidate. On the Dota 2 side, though, it is unclear if the team would sign a pre-existing squad or build a new one.

Image courtesy of FC Copenhagen.


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Ali “Maxxie” Or
21 years old university student from Istanbul, Turkey. Playing Counter-Strike since its 1.3 version. Crazy about eSports, all kinds of sports and a Song of Ice and Fire.(Yeah, not Game of Thrones. Book reader alert!) But above else, history is my love. You can follow me on twitter @MaxxieCSGO


  • Michael "slappy---" Wieslander ,
    Ex-dignitas for csgo and ex-imperial for dota2? both recently left their orgs and are danish.
    • Ali "Maxxie" Or ,
      Signing ex-dignitas would be huge. It'd make FC Copenhagen one of the best CS: GO teams and also would encourage other sports clubs to invest in CS: GO.
    • Velocity "Subzidite" Control ,
      It's not ex-Imperial , I remember Ryze posted on his twitter later that FCK is not acquiring ex-Imperial (while ex-Dignitas to FCK are highly possible) ex-Imp is to C9 I think , there CEO followed all the players
  • James "Yared" A ,
    Another exciting development! Various sports clubs and investors in Europe are clearly leading the way. Even some folks from the NBA have already followed suit. Damn hyped for this! Concerning the acquisition, I'd consider acquiring known players to build up the brand first. Players are what the viewers wanted on the first place, and this bridges new clubs to actual fans.
    • Ali "Maxxie" Or ,
      Exactly. LoL already has some sports club with known players. If FC Copenhagen decide to acquire known players for their Dota 2 and CS: GO rosters, it'd be a great example for other clubs. Hype is amazing.


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