Veteran Warcraft 3 pros and grassroots eSports combine forces

General Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

The Ting Warcraft 3 Invitational is ramping up to herald a new age classic RTS eSports. World champions will once again face each other on the hallowed maps of this legendary eSport .

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Warcraft 3's Legacy 

It's hard to underestimate the impact that Warcraft 3 has had on gaming. It paved the way for the massive popularity of World of Warcraft while also sowing the seeds of the MOBA genre with Hero centric gameplay. At its height, Warcraft 3 was a premiere eSport that operated in an era before Twitch, before YouTube and before crowd funded tournaments.

Now, 14 years after it's release, Warcraft 3 is still finding a way to remain relevant. If you follow Yoan "ToD" Merlo on Twitter then you already felt rumblings of something great happening:

ToD is former professional Warcraft 3 champion and a legendary Human player. It was this tweet that got the momentum rolling. Now, the crowdfunded tournament hosted by Ting and Matcherino is only 1 month away and has already reached $3,350.09 of its $9,000 goal. Even Blizzard eSports Kim Phan (who used to be a Warcraft 3 commentator) has supported the tournament in the form of a $500 contribution.

What you need to know


The tournament is quickly becoming a who's who of Warcraft 3 and anyone who has never seen the game played at a competitive level should take notice. Warcraft 3 is unlike any other RTS and the micro and macro skills needed to succeed are on a different level than what modern gamers are used to. 

As the tournament meets more of it's stretch goals, more famous players will attend. The current player list is as follows:

If you don't recognize these names, take my word for it: this is a star-studded line-up of new school and old school players alike. 

Where and when to watch



Matches start at 6 pm CET.


  • Friday 30th  Group A (bo3)


  • Saturday 1st  Group B (bo3)
  • Friday 7th   Group C (bo3)
  • Saturday 8th Group D (bo3)
  • Friday  14th   Ro16 Day1 (bo5)
  • Saturday 15th Ro16 Day2 (bo5)
  • Friday  21th   Quarter Finals (bo5)
  • Saturday 22nd  Semis + finals (bo7)

A revival

Although Warcraft 3 is more than a decade old, it wouldn't be the first eSport to make a comeback thanks to a grassroots tournament. Fans of Super Smash Brothers Melee will remember the "Revival of Melee", a tournament featuring all of the smash greats during a time when the game was at it's absolute lowest popularity. The result was some of the most epic matches in Melee's history and a tournament that almost single-handedly reignited the spark of an eSport that wasn't quite finished yet.

To think of Melee as unpopular is hard to imagine in today's eSports atmosphere and that is all because of the perseverance of the Melee community. What ToD has started with this invitational has similar shades of potential greatness.


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  • lubos "lubacos" kovacik ,
    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW , this is so great ! I am playing dota for like 10 years already, and my belowed warcraft brought me to it. I was never any good in it , nor i was playing it a lot, but i LOVED TO WATCH PROS PLAY. All i need now is GRUBBY THE KING OF ORCS to join, so he can face MOON in the finals :) THANK YOU FOR THIS !
  • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
    well.... most ppl who played dota1 would be familiar with warcraftiii lol
  • Tian Yi "v3luotianyi" Luo ,
    my ability to play [micro exactly] chen, syllabear and panda is all thanks to warcraft 3... i hope Dota 2 implement a group/control number indicator in the screen to see what group is a unit you see belongs. this is helpful for meepo players as looking in the left hero portrait or specifically selecting the unit itself on ur screen takes a bit time, when you can just starting to point ur mouse away and just select the unit through ur group key.
  • Misha "reasonableman" Pipisukin ,
    That's very good news. Very excited to watch those games. The player list is amazing, would be even better if Grubby and Sky will join.
  • Prashanth "Kalki" Prabhu ,
    Lyn is my favorite :) cant wait to see him playig again ... father of ORC
  • James "Yared" A ,
    An exhibition match using DotA 6.83D remains a dream!
  • Mario "stn" Kapular ,
    no grubby?
    • Bence "MeltingSnow" Pesenyánszki ,
      No Moon, no DNA... EDIT: Oh wait, Moon is actually there! Nice! Now just need Grubby and DNA and we're good! :D
  • Sina "pagan-poetry" Tavoosi ,
    Damn, I loved watching Warcraft tournaments back in the day, I'd download tons of replays. ToD was actually my favorite player. Happy to see Remind, Moon, TH000 and all the others still being around. I miss Grubby and all the old 4K players. I wish Blizzard would stop messing around and just make WarCraft IV. Maybe the profit won't be through the roof, but there will definitely be a scene again.
  • kabu "JOK" smaug ,
    Blizzard should do this more often instead of wasting money on lolypop HoTs , WC3 is still in top 5 best RTS btw TH000 HumanOP :)))


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