WCS Winter Championship broadcast team revealed

General Vladimir “Angel” Kojadinovic

ESL have revealed more information on broadcast team for WCS Winter Championship which is being held on March 2nd-5th.

With only two days left until the start of the first WCS Championship of 2016, ESL have released more information on the broadcast line-up. Among the people, who will be in charge of bringing action closer to us are some of the top names of the eSports scene, one name is definitely leading the charge, Paul "RedeYe" Chaloner. Paul will once again act as a host of this event, while Shaun "Apollo" Clark will be helping out him as a desk host.

The analyst desk is being handed to Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson, while the commentating chairs will be filled in by Kevin "Rotterdam" van der Kooi, Nathaniel "Nathanias" Fabrikant, Brendan Valdes, Benjamin "Demuslim" Baker and Leigh "Maynarde" Mandalov. Finally, the observer will be Alex "Funka" Verrier.

As a reminder, Intel Extreme Masters Championship Katowice will serve as the first WCS Championship in 2016, and the winner will also be awarded the spot at the 2016 WCS Global Playoffs. There will also be a 10,000 WCS point on the stake, as well as $150,000 prize pool.

Host: Paul "RedeYe" Chaloner
Desk Host: Shaun "Apollo" Clark
Analyst: Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson
Commentator: Kevin "Rotterdam" van der Kooi
Commentator: Nathaniel "Nathanias" Fabrikant
Commentator: Brendan Valdes
Commentator: Benjamin "Demuslim" Baker
Commentator: Leigh "Maynarde" Mandalov
Observer: Alex "Funka" Verrier

Headline image by ESL.


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