ValueBet Limited Beta – information update

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

As you have probably seen we launched a limited beta access for ValueBet for Dota 2 and CS:GO yesterday (May 7th). You can find all about it here.

We would like to thank all of you for your feedback on ValueBet. We are closely following everything you write in the comments and sending us to [email protected].

With this post we will update you on the beta progress and also further clarify several things.

General information update for May 7th

We started out testing with very few matches, and some of them had to be canceled, along with the bets on them, due to Steam going down for a long time and unclear rescheduling for said matches.

We've also had several questions about low payouts on won bets we wish to clarify on – this is not intended, but could happen at this stage, as the number of visitors that are using Valuebet and helping us beta test it is still very limited, as is our reserve pool of items. That means that sometimes when you place a bigger bet there may not be enough other items with such a high value and so our system will try to give you as much value as possible in the form of a number of items of smaller value (both from those that were betted on a given match as well as from our reserve pool).

Because of this, Steam going down, matches being rescheduled and some other small things we are currently looking into, we decided to temporarily stop the ability to deposit items to GosuStash and bet.

We would also like to clarify that he 1% fee from the winnings that we have specifically mentioned is there to allow our reserve pool of items to be more diverse (in terms of numbers and items of different value). This is solely to ensure the best possible payout on won bets based on the odds.

We will provide additional and detailed information about the estimated value of items and how it is calculated in a separate update so that you have a very clear view of how we are calculating that and how do we keep it stable and hopefully enjoyable for you.

What is new for May 8th in the beta – beta changes and improvements?

1.       Temporary limit on maximum CS:GO item value for bets/deposits

In order to avoid potential problems involving payouts we are putting a temporary limit on the maximum estimated value for CS:GO items you can bet. We are limiting that to $10 USD estimated worth maximum. We are stressing out that this is temporary and a beta change only. It will be lifted as we monitor the payout. Meanwhile, we thank all of our visitors who want to go in as early adopters and bet big value items but we strongly suggest that for the duration you use low or even very low value items. This will allow us to better follow on and improve on the beta feedback and data.

2.       Pending requests (grayed-out items in GosuStash)

For everyone that has pending request for items. All the items in your GosuStash that are grayed out (non-interactable) are either ones locked for a bet on a match or items that you have deposited and have not yet been verified. Please be patient, we are actively working on any such report and within a few hours of this post going live they should be solved. Check back later and don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have a problem.

3.       Opening up a deposit process and enabling matches

As we iron out some small things we will again open up the deposits and allow betting on few matches later today to continue testing ValueBet.

Again we would like to thank everyone for their support and patience in helping out with the ValueBet limited beta. We will keep up updated on all the changes and developments in separate news for everything that is important and relating to the beta.

We have also received several very good suggestions for user interface and usability / ease of access changes we are looking forward to implement in the coming days, making using ValueBet as hassle-free as possible.

Stay tuned for more and happy betting later today.



On may 7th as we launched the limited beta we had some unexpected things happen.

Our devs are actively looking into them and the beta test will resume later today.

We are closely following all feedback and support related question at [email protected].