GosuGamers launches Stats section

General Sovann “Skim” Kim

GosuGamers are proud to announce the launch of our very own Stats section. With the new section we will be able to track hero/class winrates, tournament trends and much more. 

Today, GGnet is expanding once more, presenting to you the new stats page, available for Dota 2, League of Legends and Hearthstone. For the past years we have made an effort to gather as much information as possible in all eSports titles, cataloguing drafts and classes, resulting multiple games and even backlogging missing pieces. We pride ourselves in making a serious effort to keep our database as detailed and accurate as possible. All of it was already presentable and could be seen in individual player and team profiles, but we wanted to take it a step further.

All of our data is collected and presented in the stats page, where you can browse by multiple filters to look for quick stats. This is however just the start of this section, more features and filters will be added in the future to make it even more refined. For now, let's have a look at what we built up so far:

We opted for a very clean look, as looking up stats should not be a difficult endeavour. The filters consist first of Patch/period where you can set which patch you would like to see stats featured for, default is the latest patch. Second filter is Regions where you can filter for drafts/classes only of European, American, Chinese or South East Asian teams. The third filter is Events, which will list only drafts/classes of that specific event(s) filtered for. Then there is the Compare option which enables a second sheet right next to the first one, where you can set different filters to easily compare between two different events, regions or patches.

Stats available (Dota 2, LoL)


  • Highest winrate
  • Most picked
  • Most contested (picked + banned)
  • Most banned
  • Most first-picked
  • Most banned in the first stage (only for Dota 2)

For instance, you can filter for heroes only picked/banned at The International 4, including qualifiers and then compare and see if there was any difference in what Chinese teams picked compared to what European teams picked. You can also track the ongoing World Championship season 4 and see if there are any trending champions.


Stats available (Hearthstone)


  • Class popularity
  • General Class win rates
  • Mirror games
  • Class win rates


The picture above shows only a fraction of the stats available. Shown are the individual win rates of Druid, Warlock and Mage against other classes with a separate column for mirror match-ups. 

Be sure to play around with the stats page and leave ideas, suggestions and general feedback in the comments below. Keep in mind that this page is still in an early stage and that we will constantly be working to improve it.

Sovann “Skim” Kim

21, German. I started at GGnet 2 years ago as an editor and came back this year as Dota 2 crew lead. I like turtles, Dota, casting and doing interviews. I'd like to think of myself as somewhat funny. I hate tomatoes.

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