C9.Mango is the SSBM champion of MLG Anaheim 2014

General Michale “DreXxiN” Lalor

After 8 years of being off the MLG pro-circuit, Super Smash Brothers Melee is back.  While fan favorites like Crs.Hungrybox and EG.PPMD didn't make it to the finals, EMP|P4K.Mew2King, EMP|P4K.Armada, and C9.Mang0 were there to pick up the hype and put on an astonishing show.

After Mew2King surprisingly knocked PPMD out of the loser's bracket, the tournament was narrowed down to three competitors.  The winner's bracket finals came down to a nationalistic clash with Mang0 on home turf against the rivali European player Armada.

In the past several months, Armada has been dominating tournaments and securing many of the top placements. Mang0 looked to dismantle the European player and change the record kicking it off with an epic 2-0 start in the winner's bracket final. Not wanting to get knocked out so easily and not one to let the emotions get the best of him, Armada came back twice striking down Mang0's Fox with his illustrious Peach.

Regardless, Mang0 still found a way into the head of Armada, managing to take him out and proceed to the grand finals with 2 stock remaining and pushing Armada to the losers final against Mew2King.

Armada started off the losers bracket absolutely demolishing Mew2King.  However, not wanting a repeat 3-0 like the earlier parts of the bracket, Mew2King pulled out his Sheik to combat Armada's Peach.  While he won that game, he wasn't quite as lucky in the next one as Armada would grab even more leverage. However, Mew2king found his revenge in Game 4.

In a best of 5 that went down to the very last stock and showed a lot more fight coming from Mew2King, Armada's hunger to win still prevailed and he moved onto the grand finals against Mang0 in a rematch of the winner's bracket finals.



Mang0 kicked off the first game strong on Battlefield by two-stocking Armada in a Fox vs. Peach matchup that would persist for the rest of the tournament. After a few impressive technical plays, Mang0 pulls a major blunder on Dream Land that costs him a stock, though he still remained in a heavy lead with plenty of percentage untouched on his second stock.  In a miracle comeback, Armada knocked Mang0 out slowly, capitalizing on his mistakes and taking the next game.

In the third stock, Mang0 found the edge and kept the momentum even after a prior loss and 2-stocked Armada, bringing it to the intense and nerve-wrecking game 5 grand finals. Mang0 found the advantage in this matchup by finding low percentile executes onto Armada, giving him a stock lead early on. However, in a shocking display of technical skill and focus as well as powerful nerves in the midst of an explosive, supportive audience, Mang0 prevailed and took out Armada to become the MLG Anaheim 2014 champion.

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Michale “DreXxiN” Lalor

Starcraft: Brood War Veteran and League of Legends Crew Lead. 


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2013 [f]Poland[/f] Intel Extreme Masters Katowice
2013 [f]Germany[/f] Intel Extreme Masters World Championships