LongDD returns to LGD as coach?

General Danio “xiaoduizhang” Liu


LongDD allegedly claimed that he will be returning to LGD.cn, not as a player but a coach. We also reached out to LGD regarding the matter but was told that they have not finalized the decision.

Xiang 'LongDD' Huang announced to thousands of fans yesterday on his livestream that he will make a return to LGD, not as a player but as a coach.

Upon hearing this on his livestream, we immediately reached out to LongDD to confirm this and the old school player stated that it is true.

"I will be helping them for a short term", were his exact words.

We also reached out to LGD regarding the matter but LGD stated that they have not finalized the decision. LGD is expected to make a public statement shortly, regardless if they recruit LongDD as a coach or not.

LGD.cn recently replaced LongDD with their former member, Bin 'dd' Xie due to LongDD's lack of effort and practice. In LGD's official statement, LGD stated that both the parties departed on mutual agreement.

"When we talked to him regarding the matter, he told us that he will take a short break from professional gaming while expressing interest in live streaming and start productions of video contents", LGD stated.

As a result of the roster change, LGD.cn direct invitation to The International 3 was revoked and they now, have to go through the tough Eastern qualifiers in order to make another stop at Seattle. TongFu, LongDD's former team, on the other hand benefited highly from this roster change as they were asked to replace LGD.cn on the invite list.

LGD.cn lost two straight games since LongDD departed from the team.