IdrA: "I will not continue to play as a competitive player"

General Julian “hattfatt” Koch

JP McDaniels jumped to the opportunity to interview IdrA in front of a broader audience after this week’s debacle. He recollects the events leading up to his release from EG and mentions his plans from here on out.

As it hard as it was to evade the discussions around the recent release of StarCraft legend Greg “IdrA” Fields this week, one has been remarkably quiet throughout the entire process: the man himself. Now that the buzz has died down a bit, he took the chance to set a few things straight on JP McDaniels’ talk show “Real Talk.”

IdrA was let go from his long-time employer Evil Geniuses following a fall-out on the Team Liquid forums, where he called everyone a “bunch of f***ks,” as well as saying that he “gets paid to treat [them] like it.” He now apologizes to all the “true” fans of eSports, saying that the insult was directed at those who follow the scene for the drama, instead of the actual games. The statement was made off the cuff, IdrA says, with no realization what might come off it.

He then goes on to say that the competition is not as fun, challenging or satisfying as it used to be, hence his decision to leave competitive play in the current form, something he made his mind up about prior to the latest WCS matches. Had he won, he would have continued playing, he says, but as it stands now, the departure from EG coincides well with his aim to move towards casting and content production.

The decision made by the management was not exclusively due to sponsor pressure, he believes, but also because his worth as an asset has reduced significantly over the past month and with actions like we saw in the past weeks, he became too much of a liability. You can watch the video below for the full scoop.

Julian “hattfatt” Koch
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