Olympians first into the grand final

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Only four teams remain in GEST IDC with Olympians making their way to the grand final. Olympians took down iDeal, Pacific Revitalize and iZone which are the three currently remaining in the loser bracket.

The April edition of GEST holds much surprise as Filipino teams, Olympians mowed their way through tournament favourites to be the first team into the grand final. In their first game, Olympians took on iDeal but the Thai team was quickly disposed and thrown into the loser bracket. Olympians then took on the champion of last month's GEST, Pacific Revitalize and to the surprise of many, took them down along with iZone in the winner bracket final. The tournament will continue with only four teams remaining. Pacific Revitalize, iDeal and iZone are going head on in the loser bracket to see who will be able to get their revenge on Olympians. Olympians will head into the grand final with an one game advantage.

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