GEST IDC April kicks off today

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

GEST IDC April will begin today without the participation of last edition's runner-up, MiTH-Trust. The games will begin at 07:00 CEST and will run till the bracket is played out in its entirety. More DotA action today ask GEST IDC April kicks off at 07:00 CEST today. All the games will be played out in its entirety today. Similar to the previous GEST, the tournament is only running in four SEA countries and these include Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Philippines. The organizers are still currently looking for people to help them host their offline tournaments in other SEA countries.

The teams in this edition of GEST are:
Philippines Pacific Revitalize
Philippines iZone-Gigabyte
Philippines noypi
Philippines Olympians
Thailand iDEAL-Gigabyte
Thailand Qu
Laos URO
Cambodia SVR_ES

One thing that we noticed from the list of teams this month is MiTH-Trust's non-participation. MiTH-Trust has always been a stronger contender in the monthly GEST event and placed second in the last edition, just short of Pacific Revitalize. This time round, BeyondTheSummit will not be streaming the event and Gosugamers is still trying to locate a proper stream and will be updating the news.

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