Alliance wins Dreamhack Invitational in five game series

General Daniel “SaltyDan” Offen

Alliance have won the Dreamhack Invitational, beating 3-2 Dignitas in a exhausting five game series. They take home $2500 for their victory and will also auto-qualify for Dreamhack Summer in July.

Alliance strengthened their claim to be the best in Europe today, taking down Team Dignitas for the Dreamhack Dota 2 Invitational title. With the win, they claim a total of $2,500 and has auto-qualified into Dreamhack Summer 2013.

Team Dignitas on the other hand, will walk away with $1,500. Third and fourth placer, Team Liquid and Fnatic.EU will claim $1,000 each for their effort.

Alliance vs. Team Dignitas


Game 1

Both teams ran a jungler, with Dignitas taking Natures Prophet and Alliance taking Chen. With Admiral Bulldog successfully creep skipping with his bear and Dark Seer being Dark Seer, both off laners picked up similar amounts of farm. However with Gyro quickly taking a tower and first blood in the top lane, as well as a deny on their tower in bot things quickly looked to be going their way, despite Alliance taking two kills in return. With Alliance looking to push through the mid game, they needed a strong early game. However Dignitas traded equally where possible, and even managed to push back Alliance and take a few towers. Yet Aui's farm is unimpressive despite all the advantages thrown his way. S4's Puck was also managing to dominate the midlane against the Magnus. With Dignitas making a few mistakes on positioning, and handing away kills, both teams went into the midgame fairly equal.

Dignitas took their first step to victory with a tower and a team-fight in the bottom lane at 17 minutes. While Alliance were still ahead, their co-ordination were not quite up to scratch and they suffered because of it, losing another fight after taking the tier two tower in mid. Despite a stolen Reverse Polarity Dignitas's team-fight was too strong and Alliance were unable to survive without their Chen who was killed quickly. Alliance were left somewhat scattered and awry. Their plan to push through the midgame had failed and they didn't seem to have a backup.

Aui_2000 was able to catch up on the farm he'd failed to achieve earlier and Dignitas quickly started to look unbeatable. They took towers without much resistance and destroy their first Barracks at 26 minutes. Alliance held on, winning a few team-fights narrowly at their remaining barracks but Dignitas had complete map control and utilise it fully. They took Roshan (and a team-fight) at 32 minutes, and pushed to win the game.

Game 2

Alliance ran a defensive tri-lane, aiming to get as much farm as possible on Loda's Alchemist. With Dignitas not drafting any heroes that could contest the lane easily, both their potential offlaners started in the jungle. Admiral Bulldog's Druid faced off against Aui_2000's Gyrocopter who received help from a Clockwerk. Alliance initially surprised Dignitas by sending Venomancer to the bottom lane to support Lone Druid but this leads to both Veno and Druid receiving low experience for little pay off. As Alliance began to push the tower in the top lane, Dark Seer successfully rotated to stop the push. The game was remarkably stable in this early period with both teams playing very defensively but Dignitas managed to take first blood on a wandering Venomancer at four minutes and a few minutes later Queen of Pain rotates to kill the under-levelled lone druid.

Alliance begin to drag themselves back into that game after turning around a gank on Akke to take two kills on Dark Seer and Queen and Pain. Loda is still farming well but the mobile Dignitas heroes were able to kill him at 10 minutes, dragging him even further behind Aui's Gryocopter, allthough Alchemist rotating to pick off his opposing carry helps matters somewhat. Alliance began to tighen up their play, getting kills on the Alchemist and trading more effectively. At 16 minutes the game became much more even. However, despite the farming power of Alchemist, the core three heroes of Dignitas were farming very well and outstripping their counterparts.

Alliance continued, however, to trade well. They narrowly took a team-fight at 24 minutes and the farming machine of Loda's Alchemist was beginning to get going. Just two minutes later they won a team-fight 4-0 and took Roshan. They were firmly ahead at this point but Dignitas still have a farming Prophet and Gyrocopter who were capable of having a big impact if things went well. Dignitas attempted to begin split pushing, but Alliance responded very well getting good pick offs on heroes.
Alliance began to crush the outer towers of Dignitas and do so uncontested. Dignitas are unwilling and unable to go up against the Aegis. The gold advantage had finally gone the way of Alliance and the game was looking out of reach for their opponents. All outer towers in the game were taken by 34 minutes and Gyrocopter decided to do something desperate and bought a Divine Rapier. However, he died and lost it in the first team-fight after getting immediately rooted by Admiral Bulldog. Alliance, having left their opponents destitute and hopeless push to win the game.

Game 3

Alliance surprisingly drafted a Spectre and Dignitas immediately picked up Undying to build a strong aggressive trilane. In retaliation, Alliance rotated their carry up to the top lane where Spectre and Rubrick faced up against a solo druid (with Chen in the Dignitas jungle). With Admiral Bulldog left solo against a trilane, Dignitas were given near free reign.

Alliance took first blood at four minutes in the top lane, with a Prophet teleport leading to a kill on Druid and Undying (who had rotated to the top lane). This allowed Loda to move back to bottom lane, a move which is again contested by Dignitas. With rotation quickly becoming the theme of the game kills are being picked up quickly and frequently with both teams making occasional gains. It quickly seems like, however, Dignitas are taking the best of the engagements and were 6-2 ahead by 7 minutes. They soon took towers top and bottom and while Alliance were able to pick up a few kills they were significantly behind and Spectre was not having the easiest game.

Dignitas took their first Roshan at 16 minutes and managed to pick a few free kills in the team-fight that follows, further catapulting them into the lead. Dignitas managed to take a barracks just four minutes later and with Loda going for a radiance the game was looking increasingly more hopeless for Alliance. GG was called just two minutes later and the strength Dignitas's focussed midgame draft was shown.

Game 4

Alliance picked up first blood on a out of position Bane, which helped out their aggressive tri-lane significantly. The Dignitas dual lane of Bane and Tiny was unable to have any real impact on the early game and Chen was forced to jungle in the Dire jungle. Alliance picked up 3 kills by third minute in the bottom lane. The dominance in the bottom lane allowed Alliance to rotate Lesrac to the top lane, which helped Admiral bulldog pick up significant farm on his Druid.

Alliance carried their early game advantage to the mid game, and despite Dignitas managing to get a few great pick offs here and there, the Alliance lead was looking unassailable. They take Barracks, following Dignitas's attempts to split push and the game is over by twenty minutes.

Game 5

With both teams running defensive trilanes, the early game quickly looked to be turning into a very stable affair. However, Alliance utilised their roaming supports and were able to grab a quick first blood against the Dignitas Brewmaster. Anti-Mage begins farming near perfectly, while Gyrocopter isn't doing as well in the bottom lane, missing a few easy last hits. Matters are made worse for Dignitas when Brewmaster is killed again by roaming supports in the mid lane.

Dignitas, however, took the first tower in the game in the bottom lane, which was not contested by Alliance who are content to sit back and build up farm, with Loda standing at 73 CS at 10 minutes. Realising they are looking at a ticking time bomb, dignitas started pushing, taking another tier one tower and nearly two tier two towers, but Anti-Mage's battlefury still came at 13 minutes and Lone Druid has an armlet already. Still, with Dignatas taking a large number of towers the midgame was going as it should for them. Dignitas also disrupted an Alliance Roshan attempt, taking the last hit on Roshan (although the Aegis still goes to Loda). However, an excellent bait by Allience lead to three free kills putting them back into the lead. Still, with Gyrocopter sniping the courier that holds Loda's Yasha, the game was far from certain. Gryocopter was farming at a ridiculous rate still, helped by all the towers and kills he's got but he's almost keeping up in CS terms as well.

Aui_2000 went for a massive risk in buying a Divine Rapier at just 28 minutes. Waytoosexy gets immediately picked off and without Prophet Dignitas can't push. A ludicrously tense minute followed while we waited for respawns and what now has to be a sucessfuly push. Loda's lack of teleport scroll allowed Dignitas to take a Melee Barracks for pretty much free. The game was beginning tilting the way of Dignitas. Finally they both rushed to each others bases and race to kill the throne as fast as possible. A teleport back by Magnus, and a three man Reverse Polarity while the rest of his team attacked the Throne lead to Alliance just managing to win the game in a ludicrously exciting finale. Outpushing both a rapier and a glyph. A great game and series all round!


DH Invitational prizes
1st placeSweden Alliance$2,500
2nd placeUnited States Team Dignitas$1,500
3rd-4thUnited States Team Liquid$1,000
3rd-4thEurope Fnatic.EU$1,000

Check link for brackets, VODs and full standings