Pubwatch 23 - Jay and Gio

General Eyal “KOKOStern” Stern

This week on Pubwatch we turn our heads to the Pinoy DotA Scene and take a look at Mineski. Doing very well at the Netolic Pro League so far, we check out Jay and Gio playing together.

Mineski is a strong pro-gaming organization dating all the way back 2004. Their relatively stable roster has managed to stay strong through the years but never really shine. They've been flexing their muscles most recently at the Netolic Pro League and Pubwatch thought it to be the best time to check them out.

With Gio's intriguing carry Sand King build, Jay's Orchid Lifestealer and a jungle Drow Ranger, there's plenty of weird things happening and a bit of reminiscing:

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