Lions eSports secures spot for Las Vegas

General Sören “Fantasy44” V.

After the excitement of the Garena Star League with Stay Green reigning supreme, the HoN Tour Playoffs came to an exciting end of their own. It all came down to QsQ and Lions eSports to determine the last participant for the HoN Tour Grand Finals of the first season. In the end Lions made it and are now joining as the fourth team. 

Two crazy weeks for the Swedish team of Lions eSports are coming to a Happy End with the five players punching their ticket to the HoN Tour Grand Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. After all the team around captain Superkge and drafter Handsken marched into the tournament as one of the front-runners, alongside Tt eSports and QsQ. After the recent surge in success in the Diamond Division Cycles and most importantly in the SoundBlaster Heroes League, the team from the widely known organization of Lions eSportsklubb felt confident to seal the deal after all. 

First they suffered a setback already in the second round of the Upper Bracket, when they fell down against Tt eSports. So Lions had to walk the long and grueling path through almost the entire Lower Bracket to not only get revenge on Tt eSports, but also to get into the Grand Final with a 0-1 deficit to start with. Still they picked up a lot of stream and momentum in that extra long road with 2-0 victories over We Are Spies, Team Excellent and Tt eSports. At one point the squad had not lost a map in their last eight contests, including turning the 0-1 deficit into a 2-1 advantage with marvelous play. 

Those first two maps might have been the most impressive games that Lions eSports did play in a while with greatly coordinated flanks from three different sides, awesome teamwork and a sound gameplan for every situation. Once again the team looked like a well-oiled machine with every individual player filling out their role almost to perfection. Flashbacks to the exciting SoundBlaster Heroes League Grand Finals popped up as they once again went for unconventional heroes like Devourer and Armadon to execute their plans.

The flashbacks of the SBHL Grand Finals got even bigger with QsQ catching a break in the third map on the servers, tying the series to a 2-2. Once again Lions had given away a lead in a Grand Final, once again their opponent was a high-profiled team in the HoN scene. Unfortunately for QsQ they couldn't step into the same steps that compLexity Gaming left behind in that SoundBlaster Heroes League Grand Final as Lions kept their cool and finished the series like a veteran team. They relied on their Armadon against QsQ's Pyromancer on Style to get the job done - rightfully so.

Now the Swedish organization can get flashbacks as well, as they could look back to 2011 when one of their teams entered a LAN event with four teams attending and walked out as the winner. Of course only the name of the team is still the same, as the roster has changed over the time, but dreams and comparisons to the NASL S2 Grand Finals can not be pushed away.

Lions eSports will meet a tough assignment right of the bat with their opponent being Stay Green. The #1 seed in the HoN Tour rankings has earned that spot through their last three HoN Tour Diamond Division Championships and will be eagerly awaiting the plays and pickups from Lions. After all the last notable defeat of Stay Green occurred against the roaring and innovation Lions in the Semifinals of the SoundBlaster Heroes League. A lot of history to back up the possible run of the fourth participant in the HoN Tour Grand Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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