Poland crowned champion of SBWI Nation Wars

General Good “Esc4toN” Bye

After many weeks and many amazing matches being played, SBWI nation wars has come to its end, with Poland being crowned as the champions winning the total of $500.

In the finals, Poland faced North America and won with a very convincing 4:1 result.

United States North America 1:4 Poland Poland
Player vs Player
United States Jumper 2:0 Poland Predator
United States Semih 0:2 Poland trutaCz
United States Lumix 0:2 Poland Julia
United States Michael 1:2 Poland Pike
United States DragOn 0:2 Poland SneazeL
A highly recommended game is the second game of Lumix vs Julia, where you can see some infested command center action.


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