Drama ensued in 3D!Clan roster changes

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3D!Clan has removed Sharfik and ServAAA in place of STALIANER and Sedoy due to scheduling issues among other things. Drama ensued as Sharfik brought it to the forums to defend himself from his former teammates.

Russian team, 3D!Clan announced on Dota2.ru that the clan will be having two members change due to the players always going online at different times.

Server 'ServAAA' Abduraimov and Artem 'Sharfik' Marzavin were reported to have departed from the team and their replacements will be their former Moscow Five teammates, Ilya 'STALIANER' Drugov and Vadim 'Sedoy' Musorin.

According to Dota2.ru, both the players departed from the team voluntarily.

Russia Alexey 'Solo' Berezin

Even if it's sad to do it again, but we have to change our roster. We had a pretty strong team but we lacked a good hardlaner. This is probably the most important reason for the conflict within the team. They say, those who can endure problems and rages become strong but sadly, we are not able to do that. Sedoy and Stalianer will fit into our playstyle perfectly and we will forget about all the mistakes we did in Moscow 5. Support us and we will entertain you with good games and funny streams!

Just shortly after the news was published, Sharfik took it to the forums to defend himself stating his former teammates, Nexus and Solo were the ones not showing up for training.

Russia Artem 'Sharfik' Marzavin

Hello everyone! Thank you for supporting our team. I told them yesterday that I am going to leave and asked Dread to leave with me but it did not work out. He told me that the situation is repairable and I answered that with this attitude we will never win anything. Nexus and Solo never trained with us and we didn't play any clanwars for a month now. We didn't discuss anything after losing games, because those two leaeve the Skype conference as soon as the games end and only come on the next day. It was awful. Plus they think their actions are perfect and that didn't let us to discuss and criticise normally and thus, we couldn't progress because of that. This has been going on for a month now and they blamed the new hardlaner for every game we lose.

So, I will be withdrawing from Starladder and every participation I have with the team. I just asked mtrx4u about it and they made a show out of it. Slots don't mean anything if the team is bad due to attitude. not the skills. As I said above, I told everything I thought to Dread, because he was the only one who thinks right and don't self boast. I asked him to follow me, but he decided to stay. I want to answer some questions that many have asked, why did we kick Loolik? It was Nexus' own decision to kick him. The management was told that he will not play if Loolik is in the team. Now I will try to gather a team that can play normally and we will play some clan wars. I want to train and play in the tournaments.

3D!Clan has not responded to Sharfik's comment on Dota2.ru news.

3D!Clan is currently participating Starladder Star Series Season 5 (6th place) and The Premier League IV (7th place).

3D!Clan will debut their new roster tomorrow at 20:00 CET against Absolute Legends in The Premier League IV.

3D!Clan team roster:

Russia Andrey 'Dread' Golubev
Russia Alexey 'Solo' Berezin
Russia Igor 'Nexus' Lysakovskiy
Russia Vadim 'Sedoy' Musorin
Russia Ilya 'STALIANER' Drugov

This roster change leaves Rox.kis with just three players and a statement regarding the departure of two core players has yet to be made. Rox.kis has shown potential and scored wins against the likes of Empire, showing some promising perfomances. Now they will have to look for two new players.

Current Rox.kis roster:

Russia Stanislav 'BzzIsPerfect' Glushan
Russia Gleb 'Hardeev' Ushenko
Russia Vladimir 'Yol' Basov

Sedoy and Stalianer will complete the former Moscow Five line-up that emerged out of zNation shortly after The International 2. The team started out great back then and claimed many wins, most impressively placing first in the StarLadder Season 3 online part. However, the team fell apart after performing poorly at the lan finals, lasting two months.

Source: 3D!Clan, Dota2.ru