Dreamz to focus on Dota 2

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

After the news of Mineski.Powercolor and MSIEvoGT.TnC shifting and focusing on Dota 2, here we have yet another Philippine powerhouse that is taking this step as well, Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries.

All three of these teams gave up their Class S slots at the GMPGL for them to focus more on Dota 2, since it's hard to juggle two games at the same time, WarCraftIII DotA and Dota 2. That's what made the defending champions of GMPGL Dreamz to make this decision, after being eliminated on the group stage of the Class A tournament with insufficient WarCraftIII DotA practice.

A statement from their Manager, Justin "BigDogJ" Alm

To all of our supporters as i said last Thursday i had news to tell everyone Dreamz Dota will now only concentrate on Dota 2. It's so hard to balance Dota 1 and 2 at the same time and even though it was a very hard decision we all voted for Dota 2 last Thursday. Thanks Dota 1 for everything! Dreamz family got started with Dota 1 and we owe so much to Dota 1. We got to meet our special sponsors Jason So and Lin Wilson we started as your team and now we are a family! To SteelSeries Ms Marian and Tryke thanks for the trust you gave us from the start! Most especially all of our fans and supporters all of our Championships and accomplishments are dedicated to you. And now our new journey begins to the new world of Dota 2. I know we will need all your support more than ever but with you guys by our side i know anything's possible. I know it's a scary thing to leave what we were used to but all things must come to an end and with a broken heart i bit Dota 1 farewell.

They will now be passing the torch to Ledion Rae and Ledion Rusty Rats who will represent Ledion for WarCraftIII DotA on GMPGL.

Who will be the next to make the switch, will last SMM's champions Pacific.eMaxx do this as well?

Source: mineski.net