mTw officially shuts down

General Sovann “Skim” Kim
What has been just a matter of confirmation and time is now official. German multi-gaming clan mTw shuts down.

Just a week ago reported mTw to shut down, without any confirmation from official channels. Former captain of mTw's Dota 2 squad syndereN however confirmed that they were not part of the organization anymore and payments were still due.

Now, mTw officialy close the doors on eSports - at least for now. Financing their teams has not worked out and they did not see a future, are however leaving a glimpse of hope behind for fans, seeing as they stated that they might come back.

Translation of the statement on

"Today, we're afraid to announce that mtW will shut down for now after 15 succesful years. The past weeks have shown that the business model of an eSports clan does not work in its current form anymore. Running a sustainable and stable business under these circumstances was not possible anymore. That's why we decided to take this step and close this chapter on mTw for now. If and when the next chapter will be written remains unknown.

As soon as we can guarantee a sustainable existence is possible and we can offer the teams the support they deserve, mTw will come back. Until that time comes, we'd like to wish our former teams the best of luck on their journey and would like to thank our fans that have made mortal Teamwork special over the past years."

Sovann “Skim” Kim
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