$20k ADGSA on 9-10 of March

General Hamodi “.mOwdi.” Aboukowik

Now, another big tournament for teams all over Asia is given the opportunity to get a sponsorship from Armaggedon. The Armaggeddon DotA 2 Grand Slam Asia will be held on the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore.

Armageddon is giving different teams all over Asia a once in a blue moon opportunity,wherein the champion team gets a chance to win US$20,000 plus a sponsorship contract.

Armaggeddon DotA 2 Grand Slam Asia
CountryTeam Limit
Singapore Singapore64 teams
Malaysia Malaysia64 teams
Indonesia Indonesia128 teams
Philippines Philippines128 teams
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka128 teams
Vietnam Vietnam64 teams
Myanmar Myanmar32 teams

The organizers will be providing gear during the tournament. Use of some of the gear will be required at specific stages.

Malaysia will have two Qualifiers to decide which teams will get an entry to the tournament, while Singapore will have Round Robin Qualifiers. The Round Robin Qualifiers for Singapore will be held from 2nd-24th Feburary 2013, and the double elimination Semi Finals will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2013,while the Grand Slam dates are the 9th and 10th of March 2013.

National champions who have made it to Grand Slam levels will be reimbursed up to USD 500 per team for air tickets and will be provided accommodation by the organizer.

ADGSA 2013 – Malaysia Registration
ADGSA 2013 – Singapore Registration

For more information: armaggeddon.net
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