eL'Pride wins first Dotabro tournament

General “Skim”

After weeks of ladder games and a two day tournament, eL' Pride is now cronwed as the first Dotabro tournament winner. They managed to beat XX5 2-0 in the final.

The Russians eL'Pride prevail in the two day tournament of Dotabro. Several teams such as XX5, 3DMAX, iCCup and Imaginary Gaming have participated in this tournament, but they all fell short. The last two didn't even make it into the top 8 and will not be getting a share of the prize pool.

Mad Gaming pulled ahead instead and took the third place against DTS2010.


1st - eL’Pride – 1,000$
2nd - XX5 – 500$
3rd - Mad Gaming – 250$
4th-8th - DTS2010, Zashkvar, Kvas, kazaki, 3DMAX – 50$

Dotabro will not reset their ladder and will keep the current results and rankings. In addition, they added ladders for USA teams and Asian/SEA teams reaching out to players worldwide.

The top teams from each ladder will be eligible for the next Dotabro tournament, but whether there will be seperate tournaments or one big tournament is not known at this time.

VODs for most games will be available on the official Dotabro YouTube channel. VODs for the 3rd place decider and the final ( Game 1; Game 2) can be found on Sheever's YouTube as well.

Source: Dotabro.com