Leveling comes to Heart of the Swarm

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Something brand new is coming to StarCraft 2 with the next big HotS patch: a reward-yielding leveling system.

Playing ladder or custom games will now grant every player XP based on units produced and units destroyed and said XP will be received at the end of each game. According to Blizzard, different ways to earn bonus XP are considered including "first win of the day", "bonus XP weekends" and ones incentivizing playing with your buddies.


Rewards are in the form of decals and portraits available only through leveling which will be how most of those will be earned when Heart of the Swarm launches. The cumulative level across all three races will also be tracked and shown so that players can see each others' progress.

With the option of unranked matchmaking and now the leveling system in HotS it sure looks like Blizzard are targeting players outside the competitive clique and that new "carrot on a stick" might just prove an efficient enough method to draw in more activity. Your thoughts? In our comment section or in the official Bnet discussion thread

Source: Battle.net.