BWMN releases new map pack

General Marius “LML” Z has released a new map pack, featuring maps made by members of the BWMN community.

After there are no more official KeSPA maps coming from South Korea anymore we see different people releasing new maps. After Rose.of.Dream. made a couple of maps for the SSL, now feeds us with the fix for new maps.
The map pack includes a total of 6 maps, including two 2 player maps, one 3 player map and three 4 player maps.

(2)Cross Game by CrystalDrag

(2)Resonance II by Jungleterrain

(3)Hazard Black by Freakling

(4)DeserTec by Freakling

(4)Melting Pot by CrystalDrag, Freakling, Gnom, K_A, KinosJourney, Phobic

(4)Gemlong1.0 by Jungleterrain

The mappack can be downloaded here and it contains the six maps, including a melee and an observer version. It contains two folders: normal version and conservative version, where the observer versions of the normal version folder have the fog of war removed everywhere but in the main, to help players who haven't played the maps before.

Links - Source - Download the map pack