Dota2Portal joins Top 10 productions

General Christoph “malnor” Helbig
After a trailer one month ago, Dota2Portal makes its announcement real and starts the "Hit the Top 10!" series. It's distinguishing factor is the nation ranking of best plays.

Napoleon 'Sneaky' Manousaridis has started his top 10 best plays series for Dota 2. It's called "Hit the Top 10!" and features best plays of sent-in replays. In addition to the ranking from P10 to P1, which is usual for Top 10 videos series, the videomaker also cares about the nations the players come from.

This way, he wants to create a unique nation ranking from the best plays. In this very first episode, Latvia, Singapore and the Philippines have reached the podium. Replays for the Hit the Top 10 show can be sent in at the Dota2Portal page.

Dota2Portal's "Hit the Top 10!" - Episode 1:

Launching the series, Dota2Portal is trying to give extra value to the already established Top 10 Weekly series by DotaCinema, which is currently at episode 28. Both series will bring the community top plays of sent-in replays, which requires good moves to be recognized and the effort of sending in. For Top 10 Weekly, replays can be sent in at DotaCinema.

DotaCinema's "Top 10 Weekly" - Episode 28:

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Christoph “malnor” Helbig
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