Sonic's 7th BJStarleague

General Marius “LML” Z
Afreeca is a platform where you can watch the streams of several top BroodWar players, even ex-progamers. Sonic, one of the bigger broadcasters, is hosting his 7th BJStarLeague featuring 7 million Won.

Sonic, a broadcaster on Afreeca, is hosting his seventh BJStarLeague (BJ = Broadcast Jockey) featuring several top korean StarCraft players such as Pusan, Killer and Perfectman.
The prizepool consists of 7 million South Korean Won, which is about €4,800. 4 million Won go to the first place, 2 million to the second and one million to the third.

A total of 32 players are featured in this StarLeague and they are playing their matches from September 16 til October 27.

Full coverage, including players, their groups, the schedule, results and VOD's can be found in the TeamLiquid thread. The first reply contains results, VOD's and a list of streams that restream the event.

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