Infused team becomes Skånes Elit

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The Post-International wave of team roster changes and team releases continues. This time it's team Infused from Sweden who will from now on play as Skånes Elit.

The name Skånes Elit refers to a region in southern Sweden, Skåne or Scania in English. All five players who previously played for team Infused and who won GosuLeague Season 1 and played at the Dreamhack Summer this year, are released from the English team.

Unlike Darer earlier today, Infused has not named a replacement for the Swedish players. The reason for the release, according to the statements both management and team captain gave, is simple: The players requested more or better support, which Infused was unable or unwilling to provide them over a longer period.

Skånes Elit is not a regular organisation, it is just a temporary name for the team until they find a new home.

Infused Management's statement:

"Infused would like to officially confirm the release of the DOTA2 team from the organisation, after recent discussions it was clear that the DOTA2 Squad's requirements were more than the organisation would be able to support and maintain for a long period of time. With that in mind, we'd like to thank the team for their support and help over the past 9months and wish them good luck in the future."

Niklas 'Wagamama' Högström's statement:

"We have (after 9 good months together) decided to part ways with Infused. This decision didn't come easy as Infused Management has always been truthful to us and never broken any promises. We left due to us requiring more than they could provide for a longer period of time and due to their honesty about that we are leaving on good terms. The whole DOTA2 team would like to wish them the best of luck with their current and future teams and thank them for our time together!"

Lineup Skånes Elit:
Sweden Niklas 'Wagamama' Högström
Sweden Hampus 'Mini' Olsson
Sweden Alexander 'Pinoy' Flores
Sweden David 'Reesion' Siekas
Sweden Olle 'Fishbone' Sjöland Thulin

Source: Wagamama