BoSs: 'E-sports keeps repeating the same mistakes'

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 23 August 2012 14:18
You wouldn't expect FXO's Joshua “BoSs” Dentrinos to pull any punches in an interview and when talking to D-eSports he certainly didn't disappoint.
D-eSports conducted a very in-detph interview with FXO BoSs, in which he speaks at length about esports. Being the business director of FXO, it's no surprise that the interview focuses largely on that side of esports. "I can see why everyone isn’t diving in from a financial point of view," he said. "If you weed through the crap there is a pot of gold somewhere." But still, there is a long way to go to find that pot, according to Dentrinos: "there’s more hype and fluff than true existance of riches."

Talking more about his own team, he considers FXO to be more like a KeSPA team than a traditional Western one in the sense that they are directly sponsor-run. "The reason why these sponsors run teams in Korea is because of the Korean exposure generated by OGN," he said. "We realise that the international viewership is larger than Korea and a team that is gaining momentum or winning over the long term will become more valuable." Despite that, BoSs believes that Korea will continue to dominate heading into the upcoming expansion. "Right now it looks like Korea will be great moving into HOTS," he said. "There aren’t many up and coming players from North America [...] Europe is doing alright player wise, but there isn’t a nice foundation there yet."

Those who know BoSs know that he is most famous for speaking his mind about other organisations, and he didn't shy away from that:

-"TL doesn’t market their players properly, the community does it for them. EG’s marketing strategies are unique, I actually can’t really get my head around how you can be so popular on such a limited time being on top. I of course mean no disrespect to their team or their fans, but something always seems off about their promotional stuff. That being said, they do have some great personalities in their team, some great talent like JYP and alot of potential. I just don’t know whether the PR stuff is a distraction or what, but their results should be alot better."

He went on to acknowledge that Team Liquid's staff do a good job of working with their community. "Mix that with great players like Hero, TaeJa and one of my favourites, Haypro, and you have a good set up."

With regards to MLG, though, he had slightly more damning words:

-"Theres alot of huge hype about numbers and investment etc, but they are still investing in an international product. As far as I can see their sponsors will pay more for local exposure given that NOS and Dr Pepper aren’t sold globally (limited to specific nations). My challenge is for them to create some sort of American star league. Something like what NASL was supposed to be. I feel that they are the only ones who are able to do that in the US at this stage, financially and technically."

Although his blogs and spats have cause him some infamy, the outspoken BoSs claimed that he only has one regret: "not calling people out immediately when stuff happens out of respect for the community." No real surprise, then, that he doesn't want o give up his day job. "eSports is lovely, amazing people, horrible trolls, soooo much drama," he said. "But a lot of it isn’t real."

D-eSports - Source