HerO stops the KeSPA win streak

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 17 August 2012 18:39

Liquid`HerO puts an end to KeSPA's tear through the losers bracket as he sends Soulkey home. He will have to keep this up, however, as next week he goes against Reality.

The first match of the day saw Rain eliminate Leenock to put the losers bracket reckoning at 10-0 in favor of the KeSPA gang. Rain carefully maneuvered with his late-game army just hunting down the bases of Leenock, barely making any mistakes, and despite allowing an unfortunate neural parasite to steal and kill his MS, Rain just had too much stuff. Leenock followed this loss with another, this one entirely his fault. After sniping Rain's natural with a roach drop, he kept playing the one string banjo with futile roach attacks until Rain's just ran him over with immortals.

Following the yet another defeat of a GSL player, HerO stepped out to defend his brothers but even he faced ownage as Soulkey took game one the first few battles reduced the protoss to measly three bases. HerO picked his game up on Cloud Kingdom and after his phoenix opening caused a hiccup at Soulkey's third, he followed it up with a monstrous immortal/stalker army to put SK in a state of barely mining. The zerg tried to make something happen by hunting valuable tech with his brood lords but ultimately it was not enough: no income is rarely the way to victory.

It was only appropriate for this wild series to end with an ever louder finish: a base race with corruptors, brood lords and infestors on one side and mothership, carriers and void rays on the other, writing the story of the protoss army prevailing as the last corruptor on the field die and with it Soulkey's only way to keep his brood lords floating.


Most unfortunately, the game that followed was nowhere near the grandeur of the previous. Dreamertt was outplayed every step of the way by Alive, this being even more true on Entombed Valley as the IM terran kept walking into tank fire and literally giving away marines to Alive. His biggest success was taking down Alive's natural but once again made the mistake of running through (and reinforcing through) enemy tanks and marines, eventually losing 0-2.

The day ended with a good old fashioned three-set ZvT with ultras and infestors fighting bio and tanks as Miya - still arguably tournament's biggest underdog - eliminated StarTale's Hack after almost 90 minutes of confrontations. Miya will advance on to play another ZvT in Alive - the one responsible for JD's fall to the losers bracket!

WCS Korea Losers Round 2
Korea By.Rain[join]2-0Korea Leenock
Korea HerO2-1Korea Soulkey
Korea Alive2-1Korea dreamertt
Korea Miya2-1Korea Hack

WCS Korea resumes the high octane action on Monday with the matches from the WB Ro8 who are to determine what will be the faiths of KHAN's RorO, the reigning champion and one of the last two remaining terrans in the tournament.

WCS Korea WBR 3
Korea CuriousVSKorea Parting
Korea PartingVSKorea Polt
Korea PuzzleVSKorea Creator
Korea SquirtleVSKorea Roro