Game of the tournament already?

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SK did their best impression of M5 today, winning a comfortable game one and then a very difficult game two.

No troll picks today; SK and Acer clearly meant business and the parity of the early game reflected that. A tentative level one invade by SK accomplished nothing, but they switched up their lanes, letting Kev1n go 1v2 as Gangplank. First blood wasn't long in coming, and it went to Acer, but SK answered back immediately. Kills continued to be traded, but SK took an early lead by picking up the first tower. The first team fight also went in SK's favour, allowing them to take dragon and a 2,000 gold advantage. Another team fight soon afterwards saw SK starting to pull away. Acer's Morgana went for a little bit too fancy play, teleporting to a ward behind SK to try and flank them. But with Kev1n arriving on the scene a little late, Morgana just took herself out of the fight and let SK win 5v4. From there, Ocelote's team went for the Baron and easily pushed up the middle without much fuss.
If game one was straightforward, game two was anything but. A definite contender for game of the tournament already, this one went back-and-forth like crazy. Again, Acer picked up the first kill, but this time SK replied with three of their own. At the ten minute mark, a 3v3 fight broke out around the top river and Acer were barely able to outplay their opponents for a 2-0 win. Not long afterwards, lost mid turret as they took down dragon, but the even trade turned sour when SK picked up three kills for one, leading to another tower kill and the first significant gold advantage of the game.

But Acer were far from done, after a quick kill near Baron, they rushed the objective itself and were able to take it just 21 minutes in, though it cost them an inhibitor tower. Then they proceded to waste the buff, Shen diving too far behind SK's tower to try and fight a Corki with shields from Orianna and Janna. SK were able to push out but lost another team fight as Baron respawned. Acer now had time to kill the middle inhibitor before doing Baron itself. Now the game was on a knife edge, with the teams almost exactly even in gold after 40 minutes. SK's Maokai managed to steal the next Baron buff, but the turning point came just as he respawned from that self-sarcifice. With only four SK players up at the time, Shen again went too far in and missed his flash/taunt combo. With Maokai back on the field, SK chased Acer all the way to their base, picking off all but Sona. She did her best to hold them off, but it was never going to be enough and SK are through to the next round.

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