GSL World Championship 2012 announced

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 12 August 2012 11:58
Reigning GSL World Champion IM_Mvp
Photo by: PlayXP

From the casters of IPL TAC 3 comes the confirmation that this year's GSL World Championship will be held during the IPL 5 finals, more details to come tomorrow.

This will be the second time that GSL pit the best players from Korea and the foreign world against each other. Last year's World Championship tournament saw a hearty resistance from the foreigners in the team match, eventually losing 8-5 - a score the Koreans much owe to July and his 4-win streak against White-Ra, HuK, Moonglade and Jinro. In it's second season, the teams' size are brought to five down from eight players.

The individual event also went to the Korean with IM_Mvp taking the gold after going through HuK, July and San before beating MarineKing 4-2 in the final.

GSL World Championship will not be the only event to appear at IPL 5 however, as the North American soil will welcome the entire playoff phase of Code S.

So far, no additional details have been announced besides the venue being Las Vegas. Expect further update tomorrow, August 13th.

Additional source: TeamLiquid