JP McDaniel parts ways with MLG

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 10 August 2012 12:49

VIDEO: The host of State of the Game and producer and former caster of MLG events announced his departure from the premier North American tournament in a Youtube video. His new found time will be spent on his stream, his shows such as Real Talk and the return of SotG.

With State of the Game on hiatus for roughly a month due to scheduling conflicts of its regulars, things may go back to normal now that JP McDaniel has split from the Major League Gaming franchise. He sees work related moving as the main reason for his parting. He announced that he will use this change to focus on his stream and his Youtube channel, which happens to be the one he released his full statement on:

He will, however, do production for the upcoming MLG event in Raleigh, as well as live episodes of Real Talk on his stream.

Links: His page, Twitter


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