Henrydickenson leads new team H2K Gaming

General Dexter “kurtcos” F

Henry Dickenson is part of an up and coming new team in the Dota 2 competitive scene H2K Gaming - the organisation is a multi gaming clan with factions in Call of Duty 4, Shootmania, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. H2K Gaming consists of the British captain and four Swedes.

After his partnership with Copenhagen Wolves failed to work out, Dickenson admitted regret over the situation but has since bounced back with a new Swedish lineup.

joinDOTA managed to get a statement from Henry 'henrydickenson' Dickenson following the formation of his new team.

United Kingdom Henry 'henrydickenson' Dickenson

We were put into contact with H2k's CEO Rasmus "iNs8T" Sandström about them picking us up as their Dota 2 Squad. After a while we came to an agreement and I can now proudly say that we're a part of H2k Gaming! We are a new full Swedish team, but have known each other a long while and have some very familiar faces from within the DotA2 scene.

We already have a good practise schedual and will be participating in upcoming 4PL tournaments as well as the upcoming Fnatic RaidCall Cup #5. Watch out and wish us luck!

Be sure to support H2K gaming in the upcoming 4PL tournaments as well as Fnatic RaidCall Cup #5.

H2k Gaming
United Kingdom Henry 'henrydickenson' Dickenson (Captain)
Sweden Tobias 'bentzer' Bentzer
Sweden Dante 'walleater' Rönnlund
Sweden Felix 'chw' Ehrlund
Sweden Tom 'zapcrash' Halvarsson

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