MLG Arenas free to watch

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 23 June 2012 14:09
MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni revealed in a series of twitter posts that he's "feeling good about making Arenas freemium". This was made possible by the good season pass sales and the success of MLG Anaheim which have "opened the door to more partners".

Although it's not confirmed if every single MLG Arena event from now on will be freemium to watch, this will be true for the Summer Season at least. DiGiovanni also mentioned that Gold member will indeed get benefits but what those will be has not yet been announced.

Sundance DiGiovanni @MLGSundance

feeling good about making Arenas freemium. also feeling good about the drink I just poured.

Sundance DiGiovanni‏ @MLGSundance

Yes I meant SC2 as well as LoL. Yes Gold members still have benefits. Yes, I’m having another drink.

Sundance DiGiovanni ‏@MLGSundance

Final note - this is possible because we did well with season passes and crushed it with Anaheim. Opened the door to more partner $. (cont)

Sundance DiGiovanni ‏@MLGSundance

We have options now. Makes my job more enjoyable. Hopefully everyone who hasn’t had a chance to watch an Arena will enjoy. Yay growth!

MLG Summer's main events kick off July 20-22 with the StarCraft 2 Arena. There will also be a League of Legends arena (August 3-5) and, of course, a Summer Championship tournament in Raleigh (August 24-26).

Source: Twitter, Team Liquid