SjoW: "I didn't exactly leave the team"

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 24 April 2012 14:44

- "It was exciting to see what offers showed up"
In an interview with Definitive eSports, Jeffrey "SjoW" Brusi explains the reasoning behind his on-and-off time in Dignitas, his stagnation point in his career and more.

You recently rejoined team dignitas and no one really know the story behind it could you explain what it was all about?
- I didn’t exactly leave the team. The contract ran out before we came to an agreement about the new one so for awhile I was a free agent and it was exciting to see what offers showed up but after alot of thinking I resigned with the team that had shown me great support through the years and it felt like the most solid choice.

Your career seemed to “stagnate” for a while. Everyone was used to always seeing you in the finals of online, as well as offline tournaments during the first six months after the release of SC2. Did you lose your motivation, and if that was the case, what rekindled it in the beginning of 2012?
- Yeah it was some motivation loss but I was furious about not performing as well as I wanted so during the autumn 2011 I worked to regain my motivation and I started to take my losses and bad results more lightly while learning from silly misstakes and went with the mindset that it will come loose when it does, maybe not a champions way of thinking but it works better for me that way.

You spent a couple of months in Korea in the FXO-house together with your team mate SeleCT last year. Did you enjoy your stay and do you see yourself returning to Korea and do you see yourself residing in Korea on a more permanent basis?
- My time in Korea was really nice and educational. I learned a lot about the EU and Korean differences in gaming culture, for example the kinship and the will to develop together is so much better in Korea where everyone is eager to learn but also to help others improve their game it’s probably one of the main reasons why the Korean scene always are a level above the rest. So yes I would like to return to Korea if I dominate the EU scene because it can only take you to a certain level and I believe Korea could bring you up that extra one.

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