IPL: Alive demolishes Tails to close the Group A action for day 1

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 06 April 2012 22:03

Group A is done for the day. Tails falls to Alive in two short games and is in a very bad position at the end of day one.

On Atlantis Spaceship Tails tried to go for a proxy robo but Alive was quick to scout it and destroy the pylon that was powering it. Instead of giving up, Tails opted to re-pylon it and support it with a gateway attack but all he ended up doing was losing his sentries to a marine/marauder surround that hammered the nail in his coffin.

Game two on Daybreak was much closer: Alive opened with a marine/SCV bunker rush but as it got denied, he had to bunker up his own natural as Tails was countering with a two base 4-gate play. Four bunkers were enough to make Alive's front impenetrable but once his cloak banshee tech was completed and flown into the protoss main, Tails had to order the attack. He clawed helplessly at the terran wall, however, and a few minutes later he died to a double pronged marine/marauder attack.

Group A will resume tomorrow once the open tournament top 8 is known.

IPL 4 Group A standings
Korea NesTea2-04-0
Korea Alive1-12-2
From Open Bracket0-00-0
From Open Bracket0-00-0
Korea Tails0-20-4
NesTea 2-0 Alive
NesTea 2-0 Tails
Alive 2-0 Tails