$15,000 Star Series welcomes Europe's top sixteen

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

The excitement of Sunday's Defense finals may still be lingering in your mind. Nevertheless, SLTV is proud to announce its latest installment of Star Series, a tournament inviting the best teams from Europe and North America to play for $15,000 in cash. Star Series kicks off this Sunday, the 11th of March.

Star Series
List Of Participating Teams
United States GosuUkraine Na`ViSweden CLGBelarus Power Rangers
United States EGUkraine eSaharaSweden mTwGermany MouseSports
Denmark QuanticUkraine DTSSweden InfusedKazakhstan NEXT
Serbia Fnatic.MSIRussia DarerRomania DignitasFrance Western Wolves

This will be the first of four seasons planned this year and already this season has been split up into one month of online round robin matches followed by a LAN event for the offline finals set for April 26th to 29th.

This means all teams will get to play each other at least once online with the top four teams emerging from the table earning a slot in the offline finals, which will be a double elimination affair. Do note that all games from the league will be streamed live.

On a sidenote, there will be a Pro Series league running concurrently between mid tier teams with a prize pool of $1,500. More information on the participating teams may be found at this link.

Will Quantic finally get their revenge on Na`Vi? Tune in to SLTV's Star Series to find out.

1st Place: $6,000
2nd Place: $3,000
3rd Place: $2,500
4th Place: $2,000
5th Place: $500
6th Place: $400
7th Place: $350
8th Place: $250

Star Ladder - Star Series
Star Ladder - Pro Series