EnRo Griffins comes back to us.

Posted by Bruno "AWRNSS" Justo at 26 February 2012 01:38

The German organization decided to give Dota 2 a shot and sponsored vS after two years of silence.

EnRo was involved with DotA for almost a year back in 2009. They decided to make their incision with a promising team at that time, EVOPLAY. The team was formed by syndereN, Kuronity, XoYnoZnU, Kebap and Kev and EnRo pumped them to fame. It's safe to say that the organization deserves some credit for what they have become over the years. If you want to see some of their games you can watch them against Os.oNe and DTS.

After a good run, they closed their doors in December of 2009 and they had no interaction with us ever since. Until now, that another promising team popped out that caught their attention. Victorious Secret (vS) was their name and they managed to defeat teams like Kazakstan NEXT.KZ and Sweden Keita-Gaming to take the second place at eSdom Weekly Cup just a few hours ago.

Their line-up consist is mostly unfamiliar faces to the international scene but we can recognize the famous German ganker EDE, who played for several great German stacks through DotA such as COMPETO and EDT. crusH also played for COMPETO for a while but he eventually left.

EnRo-Griffins Dota 2 line-up:
Austria crusH (Team Leader)
Sweden danne
Denmark unicornxoxo
Germany EDE
Germany Naturel
Germany souljah

GosuGamers wishes EnRo and his players a successful cooperation and we are eager to watch them playing in future competitions. Remember to support their IRC channel #EnRo.Dota2

EnRo-Griffins - Official announcement.