Love is in the Air: Dota 2 Celebrity Charity Challenge

Posted by Emily "Sayuri" Weiss at 09 February 2012 08:34
Dota2 Celebrity Charity Challenge, Sponsored by Complexity Gaming. Partnered by joinDOTA, and Gosugamers.

On February 17th, the community of Dota2 comes together to celebrate giving in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Some of the best players in the world are donating their time to contribute to the charity Child's Play, which provides games and toys for children who endure extended or permanent stays in hospitals due to severe illness.

United States Team USA
Sayuri & Merlini
In a 2v2 showmatch-styled miniature tournament, representatives from four major Dota regions battle it out to provide entertainment and support for all those who would like to make a difference. Infamous North American Dota couple Ben “Merlini” Wu and Emily “Sayuri” Weiss represent Team USA. The Celebrity Charity Challenge also marks the triumphant return of Dota Legend Merlini, or M-God.

I’m really glad to be able to use my passion for Dota2 towards a worthy cause, I hope that fans of the players and the game in general will turn out to support the charity. ... says Merlini.
Sayuri adds,
I think it’s incredible that all of the players, casters, staff and other members of the Dota community are coming together to create such a unique event. We’re really looking forward to playing in it!

The tournament itself will be two brief showmatches, 2v2-style mid-lane only. The first team to ten kills or to take base tower claims victory. The event will be casted by a trio of very talented streamers, including the brilliant Toby “Tobi-Wan” Dawson of joinDOTA. David “Luminous” Zhang of DotaCommentaries and Kevin “Purge” Godec of Gosugamers will also be broadcasting this momentous event.

Sayuri about the partners:
I was so fortunate to partner with Alice Zhang, Melanie Herring and Alissa Pang, who donated some incredible promotional art for our event. They created two original Dota2-themed screens to commemorate the tournament: Furryfish and Dendi Pudge, and myself with Merlini Zeus (to be seen right below). Thanks to Complexity gaming, we are planning to print these amazing screens onto mousepads, which will be signed by the players and raffled to those who donate during the event.

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The Charity Cup will also give away Dota2 Beta keys, raffled randomly to Gosubet participants and stream viewers. The number of keys given away will correlate to how much the event raises for charity. Also offered is the “Thank You Package” for the highest-donator: Including a Dota2 Beta Key, an hour-long Dota lesson with the couple of their choice, a joinDOTA t-shirt autographed by Tobi-Wan, a personalized, autographed mouse-pad featuring the print of their choice, and an on-stream shout-out.

Other Team Asia
Furryfish & Dendi
Team Asia is comprised of Tammy “Furryfish” Tang, captain of the long-standing Singaporean Dota franchise PMS gaming, and her partner Danil “Dendi” Ishutin, champion solo-player of The International. While not romantically involved, the two are confident in their chemistry and their ability to bring great competitive play to the event. Furryfish mentioned,
I think it’s a great cause, and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to work with everyone.

Canada Team Canada
Daisy & Jeyo
Rounding out Team Canada is Fire gaming’s Star carry Jio “Jeyo” Madayag and his Canadian sweetheart Diana “Daisy” Kuang.
Fire gaming is coming off a incredible match streak; and I think helping Child’s Play is the perfect way to spread the joy that the game has given to all of us. We’re so excited to be a part of such a great project.

Europe Team Europe
Pinksheep & MiSeRy-
Team Europe is represented by the Danish powerhouse player Rasmus “Misery” Filipsen, whose recent play with team EG has truly been remarkable. His partner is the lovely Dawn “pinksheep-*” Yang, of PMS gaming, who makes her Dota2 debut! Misery states:
I’m looking forward to playing in this event, I’ve never played 2v2 before, and I’m really excited to play with my partner PMS.pinksheep! Yay!

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For information on how to contribute as a player or sponsor: NvSayuri (Skype

Dota 2 Celebrity Charity Challenge
Date: Friday, February 17
20:00 PST
23:00 EST
05:00 CET (Feb 18)

GosuGamers stream
United States Purge, China Luminous

joinDOTA stream
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