Dream Cup Games 2012

General Dexter “kurtcos” F

Hosted by professional caster Haitao, the Dream Cup Games (DCG) season is already well underway. Here is an update on how the Chinese season have responded to the tournament so far.

Dream Cup Games 2012
China LGD14/1/043
China DK10/2/132
China WE10/2/332
China iG10/1/131
China PanDa8/4/228
China DT.Club7/2/623
China TyLoo6/4/522
China TongFu6/3/321
China DT.Love4/8/320
China PJMM5/3/718
China AoL4/5/617
China Nirvana.cn3/3/912
China NL2/2/118
China TL.toP2/1/127
China Cruel0/3/93
China DmH0/2/132

LGD currently leads the table with an unstoppable 14-win streak and only one draw, followed closely by tier one teams such as DK and iG. Disappointing to note would be the performance of Nirvana.cn, a team resting at the bottom five of the table despite a roster consisting of veterans such as 357 and KingJ.

Dream Cup Games 2012
China DK.rOtK
China DK.longdd
China DK.BurNIng
China DK.Super!
China DK.ZippO
China iG.Zhou
China iG.Ferrari_430
China iG.Faith
China iG.YYF
China iG.ChuaN

Tonight's match will be an epic standoff between two arch rivals, DK and iG. The best of two match will start at 12:30 CET tonight with streams hosted for all interested viewers. Click here to place your GosuBets.

1st Place - $19,000
2nd Place - $8,000
3rd Place - $4,700
4th Place - $2,400
5th Place - $1,300
6th Place - $800
7th Place - $470
8th Place - $310

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