Another ProLeague season to start on November 26th

General Lukasz “McBat” Grzelak
It has been a long time since the last ProLeague season, and many have been waiting impatiently for the next one to come. Fortunately, we can reveal that it will start on the 26th of November. Expect many changes!

On the 19th of November, KeSPA announced that the next ProLeague season will kick off on Saturday, November 26th. This was anticipated by many eSports fans all over the world.

However, the 11-12 ProLeague season will be very different from the previous ones. The biggest changes include: reducing the number of "play-days" in a week (from 5 to 4), best-of-5 format instead of best-of-7 format, abolishment of ace matches and winner's league and revival of the first/second half leagues.

OGN television will also be the sole broadcaster of the ProLeague matches due to the impending closure of the MBCGame channel.

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Lukasz “McBat” Grzelak
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