ZSMJ bids goodbye to LGD

General Dexter “kurtcos” F
ZSMJ spotted at WDC.

From a rising star in 2009's FTD, ZSMJ has seen the ups and downs of LGD's career and stuck with it to its bitter end. After nearly two faithful years under LGD, ZSMJ has lost the motivation to carry on, and will henceforth leave the team.

China ZSMJ via MicroBlog:

-"I haven't been performing well lately, and I don't wish to drag my team down any further - I have decided to quit LGD on my own terms.

I fondly miss the rivalry between last year's top three (EHOME, Nirvana.cn, LGD). The struggle that a professional player faces everyday involves striving hard in real life and yet passionately chasing his dreams - it is a struggle between the dichotomy of sweet victory and bitter failure, and that struggle is indeed a valuable process.

I really wish EHOME, Nirvana.cn and LGD can rise up once again! Thank you LGD; I will not give up on eSports! LGD is not just a team - it is a spirit. I believe Xiao8 and the rest will not let you guys down. As long as the team performs, what more can one ask for?"

Nevertheless, ZSMJ's departure from LGD spells the end of an era, one that he helped built up from pure determination and diligence - a spirit embodied in the hardcore ricers that followed after his breakout performance at SMM '09.

A name almost synonymous with his team, ZSMJ has since evolved into more than just a player. At this point, may he continue playing for his dream.

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