Weekly HoN Report: Oct. 19

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

The Weekly HoN Report is a brief, straightforward review to help you catch up on the major competitive matches that happened in the past week.

Both NASL Season 2 and ESL Major Series Season IX began their regular season this past week, giving us a lot to look forward to for the next several weeks. The Esports Heaven HoN Challenge has reached the semifinals round, with four very capable teams remaining.

NASL Season 2
$40,000 prize pool

NASL Season 2 Results
Week 1
UnitedStates compLexity Gaming0-2UnitedStates Trademark eSports
Europe FnaticMSI0-2Sweden Reason Gaming
Europe Online Kingdom2-0Europe Infused Tt eSPORTS
UnitedStates Team EZ2-0Sweden Lions eSportklubb

The first week of round-robin play for NASL Season 2 began last week, and four teams started the season off with 2-0 sweeps. Team EZ got revenge against Lions after losing to them in the finals of the TwitchTV HoN Challenge, and Reason was victorious over the shaky FnaticMSI. Online Kingdom looked very strong in their match against Infused, and Trademark defeated compLexity in a battle between American teams.

ESL Major Series Season IX
€5,000 prize pool

ESL Major Series Season IX Results
Round 1
UnitedStates compLexity Gamingvs.Europe Icy Vengalionz
Europe Infused Tt eSPORTSvs.Sweden TRIV
Sweden Reason Gamingvs.Norway Loizs homies
UnitedStates Trademark eSports1-0Sweden QQ Clan
Australia Frenetic Array1-0Sweden ahahah
Europe FnaticMSI1-0Sweden from Pubstars
Europe HoNPortal.org1-0Poland Gameburg Team
Europe Online Kingdomvs.Europe Midget Mafia

The first round of the EMS Season IX Groupstage kicked off, and half of the results are in. There are no real surprises so far; it will be interesting to see if any of the underdogs can pull off upsets this season. Note that at least one of these teams has dropped out of the tournament, and the spot will be filled after Saturday's Move Up Cup.

Esports Heaven HoN Challenge
$2,000 prize pool + products

Esports Heaven HoN Challenge Results
Europe FnaticMSI0-2Europe HoNPortal.org
Europe Cracked-Gamers.HoN0-2UnitedStates compLexity Gaming
Europe Online Kingdom2-1Poland Gameburg Team
UnitedStates Team EZ2-1Europe Infused Tt eSPORTS

The last two quarterfinal matches for the Esports Heaven Hon Challenge were played, with compLexity and Team EZ winning and advancing to the semifinals. It's a heated bracket now with only four teams remaining. HoNPortal.org will take on compLexity, while Online Kingdom and Team EZ face off in what should be an amazing match.

Coming up: NASL Week 2, EMS Season IX Groupstage Round 1 & 2, Esports Heaven Semis.