M5 win Intel Challenge: SuperCup 9

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

The first Intel Challenge season to host their finals on LAN, just saw Moscow5 stepping down the Cyberarena grand stage as champions. Opponent in the final were Danish collective monkeybusiness who raised the money for the trip privately. The event was further attended by DTS, Emocore and a Ukrainian mix team with traces of Na`Vi, lead by Alexander 'XBOCT' Dasjkevitj.

Prior to the knock-out stage, the teams were thrown into a group of five and played round robin matches, to determine who has to leave after four games. "XBOCT +4" as the mix team is called, went off to a good start and pulled off victories against the powerhouses M5 and DTS, to eventually lead the group with 3/1. M5, DTS and monkey filled the remaining slots up, leaving the Swedes from Emocore behind.

As the play offs began, Moscow5 collectively shaped up and outclassed the newly formed DTS by a big deal, while monkey defeated the group-leader XBOX's team and remain as the only team with the ability to give M5 a race for the big money.

The slots in the final were hence well earned and a culminating showdown was ready to begin. Both Monkey and M5 played two tense games with the advantage lying on the Russians side, who orientated themselves stronger towards the opponent's base. The lead consolidated continuously and enabled M5 to conquer buildings and throne in both games, despite resistance from monkey.

1 Place: Russia Moscow5 – $3000
2 Place: Denmark monkeybusiness - $2000
3 Place: Ukraine XBOCT+4 - $1500
4 Place: Ukraine DTS.Chatrix - $500

With this most recent triumph and the ominous occurrences at Na`Vi , Moscow5 have swung themselves up to the currently most feared European DotA team.

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